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Simple Pricing for Your Team

When we say we want to offer competitive pricing, we mean it!

Get Started!
  • Software Access - $250 /mo /fleet*
    Access to our powerful software platform.
  • User Access - $100 /mo /user
    Access for each back-end user.
  • Driver Access - $100 /mo / driver**
    Access for each active driver in your fleet.
  • Software Setup - Varies / One Time fee
    Strait Dispatch Training for Dispatchers and Office Personnel.
  • (Optional) Phone Numbers - $25 /mo
    Phone numbers registered on our platform.
  • (Optional) Text Messages - $0.02
    Cost per text message sent.
  • (Optional) Strait Gauge™ - call
    The Strait Gauge™ has upfront and monthly pricing, call to speak to a sales manager today 1(844) 970-1999.
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* Fleet is defined as each instance of Strait Dispatch that you have configured on your account. There is no hard limit to the number of trucks, carriers, or drivers you can have managed under one non-trial fleet.

** Active drivers are defined as each driver that has completed at least one work order in the billing cycle for that month.

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